Our mission and values are the foundation of our practice. We measure each decision, and client interaction, against these standards.

Our Mission

We strive to set ourselves apart by challenging the status quo – and thinking differently. We believe in fostering a culture of client-focused advocacy. We encourage respect and professionalism, and emphasize honest, compassionate, value-driven results. We believe in driving competitive advantage through pragmatic and innovative client solutions and center all representation on experience, perspective, and value. We also believe in providing an environment where our team can invest and expand their own skills and talents, in a manner that fulfills our mission and vision.

Our Vision

Our philosophy is simple – offer our clients exactly what they need; practical and responsive legal representation and advice from a knowledgeable attorney at cost-effective rates.

We also realize that, just as important as the delivery of the services provided, are the intangible qualities our firm provides. We are passionate in our commitment to our clients, demonstrated in our personal attention and focus on integrity.   Our background in business and law has shown us the need to listen to our clients, focus on their concerns, and offer pragmatic solutions. It is this commitment that serves as the backbone of our firm.

Our Values:

Experience: The Difference is Our People

Michael L. Elder has significant courtroom experience, with proven results. Our clients are represented by a qualified attorney who has the necessary experience, and skills, to act on their behalf.

In addition to a notable legal career, he has experience working in business, consulting, education, and government.  This dynamic experience, coupled with a common business sense, ensures that our clients receive practical advice in a responsive manner.

Advocacy: Client Focused and Relationship Driven

We are, at the heart of everything we do, a client-centered – value-focused practice. We take personal responsibility when it comes to meeting the needs of our clients, and provide the most effective and efficient services. Whether the client or project requires ongoing support or litigation, or if we can just answer a specific question, we work directly to ensure support for success at all stages.

Responsive: Answering Questions – Providing Solutions – Creating Options

The structure of our firm is maximized to be client focused and results driven. And, while the results are what drive the success of our interactions, our team recognizes that building relationships is the key value to ultimate client success. Our staff will work diligently to provide the legal solutions you need, while providing the personal attention and responsiveness your time deserves.

Value and Efficiency: Challenging the Status Quo

We use a modern business model with an innovative approach to firm management. Our focus is on long-term client success, and not short-term profits. Our forward thinking environment, combined with our use of technology, enables us to deliver efficient, cost-effective services to our clients.  Enhancing the value we provide, we offer clients a wide range of flexible arrangements, and contingency-based billing. Depending on the specific case and goals, our team can help design a plan that fits your business or individual needs.

At our firm, passion is the energy that fuels our commitment. We hope this website assists in answering some of your questions. For additional information and resources contact our team: Contact Us