Sometimes representing yourself in a civil matter is ok. But when involved in a criminal matter, only trained legal professionals have the expertise and access to information, as well as the tools you may need throughout the legal process. A lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and provide you with the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

Our firm does not typically charge for an initial consultation. Our goal in meeting is to walk you through the basic aspects of your case and help you identify if legal representation is in your best interest. Many times, I have saved a potential client time, energy and money, by determining that they do not necessarily need to retain an attorney, or that their case may be better handled by an attorney of a different specialization. Should we determine, after this initial consultation, that representation is necessary, a retainer fee can be discussed.


Please be advised that for legal and business reasons, legal advice can only be provided to clients who have signed a retainer for services.

Though this is not a question unique to law, it is one of those we receive most often. Attorneys and contingency fees can vary from attorney to attorney. The fees associated with legal representation are typically based on the following factors: the time and labor required, limitations imposed by client or circumstances, experience and skill requisite, preclusion of other employment, and other various factors.

Some cases will be handled at an hourly rate, but generally are handled by a flat fee. The specific amount determined is based on the nature of the case, and the time and labor required. The goal of our firm is to be transparent in our billing process. All fee arrangements are discussed with the client at a consultation and addressed through an easily understood legal fee agreement.

We may not be your lowest cost option. If your primary concern is the lowest price possible, we are probably not the firm for you. Similar to other businesses and products offered, you may well get what you pay for if shopping for the cheapest value. That said, our pricing is competitive for the legal market, and we offer exceptional value for the fees charged.

Ethics preclude attorneys from taking contingency fee cases in criminal defense issues.

Your rights are important, and in as such, you should take a few important steps prior to our initial consultation, including:

  • clear as much of your schedule as you can for our first meeting;
  •  don’t talk to anyone about your case;
  • write down as much as you can about your case or incident, including conversations that you have had with people about this case;
  • bring with you any physical evidence you may have;
  • prepare a list of anyone who may be involved or able to provide information on your case.

Effective and efficient communication is the key to successful attorney-client relationships. We understand that legal issues can be scary. In an effort to provide transparency in this process our goal is to keep you informed when anything important happens. Our attorneys work with our client services specialists to respond to your questions in a reasonable timeframe. Because legal matters have a way of stretching over long periods of time, it may seem at times like activity levels have fallen. However, we are diligently working behind the scenes to effectively and efficiently complete the work required for your case. While we would like to speak to you every day, that would not be a productive or reasonable way to manage the time we spend working on your case.

Sometimes we are required to be out of the office for research, legal briefs, meetings with clients, or court proceedings. The most efficient and effective way to contact us is to contact our legal assistant. She has a working knowledge of your case and if she cannot answer your question, every attempt will be made to contact your attorney as quickly as possible.

If you contact our office after hours, please leave a message with as much detail as possible so we know your concern in advance.

In addition to legal fees, there are various expenses that must be paid in order to obtain or file necessary documents, take depositions, file in a court of law, or other things necessary to the progress of your case. We make every effort to detail these out originally in your estimated legal fee agreement.

You can call our office with questions any time. No questions should go unanswered and our legal assistant can route you to the appropriate party. Fees for any additional matters can be estimated and charged in accordance to our standard practice.

All visits and consultations are by appointment only. We encourage our clients to schedule meetings with us during normal business hours. From time to time, the need may arise to meet outside of traditional business hours. While we don’t traditionally schedule these types of visits, we may be able to arrange them where necessary. Please be advised non-traditional appointments may incur additional fees.

We handle both business law and criminal law/defense. Please visit our About Our Practice page for more information.

We expect you to be honest, responsive, and focused throughout your litigation process. Please ask us any questions you might have and inform us of any concerns that come to light. This will assist us in providing you with the best representation possible.

Paralegals and online preparation services cannot, by law, offer you legal advice. They will process and file the paperwork you request as is. If you have any concerns about what course is best for your business, it’s important you consult an attorney to help make those determinations with you. Fixing problems later usually costs more than avoiding them in the first place.

Retaining an attorney may also help you avoid costly mistakes, which can usually never be recovered. Companies like LegalZoom and We the People actually advise their customers to seek the advice of a qualified attorney.